Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Boy is my home neat! That's what happens when I spend too much time here. Even my "clutter" is organized and neatly piled. This place looks really settled now. I love it. I tried to picture where I am at in my life and saw a picture of a train on a turn table. OK. That's a pretty good picture. I'm not actually going anywhere right now, but I am willing to go whatever way God wants. This is one of those times I am simply living by rote...which is what good habits allow room for. I just put one foot in front of the other and do little things each day to keep life manageable. I prefer the time when I am creative, but I don't put maintenance in last place. Without it there would be no order in my life. It's just dull; that's right now I imagine I am rather dull.
"How are you today?"
"Dull, thank you. And you?"
Have you ever noticed that bored people are boring to relate to? So it follows that I will be dull for a bit until I get into something creative once again.
What's nice about all of this is that for me to be bored is a luxury. I used to have knots to untie and tons to sort through. Now that's done. I'm in a "Huh?" place. There is no instruction manual with this life we give ourselves. I have spent many years sorting out what I didn't want and saying no to that. I found things I liked to do and have done them. Now my life appears to be in a wash, rinse, repeat mode. I'll practice that for a while, but I KNOW I will have to find something to learn or create. It's in my genes. (Thank you, Dad!) Waiting, though, is also a strong point of mine. (Thank you, Mom!)
It's a special joy to report that I am in a place that allows me to look at my past and pick out all of the pretty things to cherish. The other stuff? That's what forgiveness is for.