Monday, March 20, 2006

Stepping Out of the Closet

I've been reading a book entitled Quantum Philosophy by Roland Omnes. That, of itself, is no big deal, but what I find interesting is that I have no problem understanding it and that I get so caught up in my reading that I nod my head in agreement sometimes and frown at others, as if I were in an actual conversation with someone! Those of us who get emotionally involved with books must be comic to watch. When I was raising my children I used to keep a stack of books on the bed beside me and made the statement often that I had slept with some of the finest minds in the world. Now I take them to lunch with me when I go out. The closet philosopher has left her closet!

I'm convinced that the reason philosophers write so much is that most people aren't the least bit interested in asking us what we are thinking, because if they do we gladly talk for hours! We love to think! (I pause to count the exclamation points and laugh at myself. Yes, this stuff does excite me.)

Having accepted that I am little more than a nerd with a sense of humor, I challenge myself to become more. What does one do to become more than a nerd? She trains to become a geek. Is there anything better? I don't know. I'm only in training at present. I joined a site online (Tech Republic) where very intelligent professionals congregate and share their knowledge. No one has kicked me out as yet. I guess reading doesn't make a lot of noise, so perhaps most don't know that I am there. I've dared to hit the keys, though, and posted a few things. Yet, still, when I sign on my membership is intact. I have hope.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Grandma Moses Is My Mentor

Some of us are late bloomers. Since I'm a believer in happy endings, that's just fine with me. If I had joined a track team, I would have gone for cross country racing. I'm here for the long haul. Having been born with the common sense of a flea, it took me a while to know that there was even a clue to get, let alone get one. I was born a bit brighter than the average apricot, but thicker than a rain forest, so it's taken some time to clear a path and to get out of my own way. The good news is: those who follow behind me won't have as much work to do! I gladly record my blunders, grateful to know that I was wrong. I've found that all I have to do when I am wrong is to turn around and do the opposite. It works every time.I was told that wisdom comes from learning from our mistakes. Having made more than most, I have a wealth of information to draw conclusions from. Walking now on firmer ground, with my feet set free of the undergrowth, I have decided that I will walk through life from here on. I danced the cha cha a lot in my youth (three steps forward, two steps back) and it got me slowly to where I am now. Walking now looks like a better option. It's not as tiring (at my age that needs some consideration) and no matter how slowly I go I seem to be gaining ground more rapidly than in my past. Could it be...? Dare I hope...? Common Sense?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Eternal Hug

There are some in life who make it up as they go along. They are the crazy makers. They believe in the “art” of embellishment, for simple truth doesn’t cast a fine enough light on their egos, or so they think.

I used to wonder why crazy makers existed, but as time has passed I have found that they serve a great purpose. They challenge those of us who love the truth to search our souls and thus find God. Without them we might go through life with no sense of a Greater Reality.

Honoring ego is not the purpose of life. Love is the purpose of life. We were created by Love to learn to become one with Love. We need only enough ego to form a sense of identity so that when we say I love you, there is an I to offer from. We were not created to stand in one another’s shadows, but rather to share the light of truth one with another.

Truth needs no embellishment. It has nothing to hide. Truth cause us each to see that we are as gains of sand in the magnitude of the universe, yet each grain is as well loved as if it was all that existed. With truth we experience awe, and reach to the Great Unknown with arms open, assured of a most loving embrace.