Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Squirrel gathers for the future
And lets go easily of excess

I began using a squirrel icon several years ago. I joined a photography site and found a picture online of a squirrel holding a camera. 

 I love to do several things at once, flitting from one to the next and back...completing all around the same time (I love circles!). I remind myself of a squirrel running around a tree. I may appear erratic, but I get a lot done. I have a well-stocked pantry. I stock up on supplies for all of my artistic endeavors when I see things on sale. For example: I used rubber cement for my collages. Cans that usually sell for $8.00 went on a close out sale for $1.00. I bought a dozen cans. 

Since I saved $84 off the regular price of the rubber cement, I can afford to be generous with others and give away some of what I bought to those who might need it. I shop that way for anything that I consider a staple, the same way a squirrel gathers nuts while the weather is mild. When we make good use of what we have and think ahead to needs in the future, we are better able to provide for others from our excess.

'Get the picture?   

Freely you received, freely give.   Matthew 10:8