Thursday, July 09, 2009


This week I have explored other positive thinking writers and added a few to my Twitter account, just to be able to see quick positive one liners. I think in such things most often, so it's refreshing to read that others do, too.

One liners have a way of sticking in my mind, and are easy to draw upon when I come across puzzling situations or unsteady emotions. The ones I used most often are my own! For years, I kept intense journals, digging as deeply as I knew how to see what was "in there". I found I was built in layers. There would be a layer of muck and then a layer of gold, diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds and all things wondrous and awe inspiring. That I held such treasure amazed me. The muck I understood, and could even figure out where it came from, but the treasure caused me little more than marvel. I saw myself just as I see young children, full of innocence and beauty...gifted and delightful. I felt encouraged to keep digging. That was when the one liners began to occur. I would find them upon re-reading entries.

The one that comes to mind most often is: Love without respect is emtionalism.
I have meditated on that often over the years that have past since I wrote it. Thinking about it has changed the course of my life.

I remember at the time having to look up the word emotionalism! The sentence was something far beyond any wisdom I consciously possessed. Yet there it was, and there was no denying I was the one who wrote it.

There are those who might debate with me and say such a statement is not a positive one liner. I smile. There is no debate. That one liner has cleared out a great deal of confusion and helped me to rid myself of some of the layers of muck. It has allowed respect for the emotions of others even when they lacked respect in the way they displayed those emotions.

Positive is not always pretty. Positive is sure and true. Positive dispels negativity.
Positive makes a strong statement. Positive creates energy.